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Lemon: A Fruit With Great Health Benefits!

Lemon is a fruit of the botanical family Rutaceae and the genus citrus. It is rich in fibers, vitamin C, and other beneficial plant compounds such as essential oils and minerals. Lemons grow widely in moderately warm climate regions such as California, Mexico, and India. It has several varieties with differences in color on the face and pulp, flavor, and size. Some of them are:
Fino is also known as Primofiori, Blanco, and Mesero in Spain. It was mainly created by the lemon seeds of Vega Alta of Segura grown in Murcia. It has an oval shape, a short nipple, and smooth and thin skin. Its pulp contains few seeds but high juice content. Fino grows widely in the winter season from September to April.
Verna lemons cover about 60% of the annual crops of lemons in Spain. It is large, with a pronounced nipple and thick rind. Verna is intensely yellow in texture, bears fruit throughout the summer, and has an incredibly juicy and tender pulp. The juice has adequate acidity but is not very abundant.
Eureka lemons are one of the most citrus lemons belonging to the Rutaceae family. They have a bright yellow color and grow on evergreen trees. Moreover, Eureka is mainly known for its well-balanced, sharp, sweet flavor, oily rind, and consistent size.
It has a medium-thickness rind or del Gado. The juice contains a high level of acidity. 
Meyer lemons are hybrids of mandarin and citron native to China and are known for having the sweetest taste with very low acidity. It is a fruit similar to the orange, with a large size, rounded shape, and a small nipple. The rind is orange with a yellow pulp, which usually has about ten seeds. Considering its flavorful taste, Meyer works perfectly to enhance the flavor of cocktails and desserts. 
It is a green fruit characterized by not having seeds. It has a semi-rounded shape and weighs 50 to 100 grams. This variety is the one Colombia produces today in greater quantity and has opened a space in the international market. Tahiti lemons offer a high juice content of up to 60%. Furthermore, they are considered excellent antiseptics because of their disinfectant properties.
Benefits Of Lemons 
Lemons provide countless benefits to your overall well-being. Let’s have a look at the most significant ones. 
Boost Immunity 
Lemons are a great immunity booster fruit because they contain many antioxidants and vitamin C. They also serve as potent anti-inflammatory compounds and protect the body cells from damage. For instance, they strengthen the immune system against flu and common cold-causing germs. 
Enhances Cardiovascular Health 
Since lemons are a great source of beneficial fibers, antioxidants, and vitamin C, they lower the risk of strokes and heart diseases. Moreover, they comprise two plant compounds, diosmin, and hesperidin, that maintain cholesterol levels in your body. Regular consumption of lemons reduces high blood pressure. 
Beneficial For Skin 
Lemon contains all the essential nutrients required to generate collagen. It diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles on your face and gives your skin a bright, clear, and youthful look. ‘
Prevent Kidney Stones 
High citric content in lemons regulates urinary citrate levels. Regular intake of lemon juice helps to prevent kidney stones by forming urinary citrate that prevents crystal formation in the kidneys. 
Bottom Line 
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