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Avocado Hass: Characteristics and Properties! 

Avocado Hass is considered one of the most commonly consumed varieties of avocados around the world. It’s also called “heart fruit” because it has the shape of your heart, and the oil extracted from it is used to lower bad cholesterol levels to improve cardiovascular health. If you’ve never heard of avocado Hass, here is everything you need to know! 

A Brief History of Avocado Hass 
Rudolf Hass was the first person to grow the Hass variety of avocados in 1926. He planted some avocado seeds on a small patch of land, and among the grown fruits, a variety had wrinkled skin with darker fruit. He planted more plants of avocado Hass in 1935 to spread the variety further and it soon became popular in neighboring areas and then worldwide.
This unique avocado variety comes from Guatemalan and Mexican avocado breeds that were interbred; thus, the Hass avocado has a different appearance than other avocado varieties. Since ancient times, avocado Hass has been considered the best among avocado fruit varieties due to its scent and pulp flavor. 

How to Identify Hass Avocado Fruit? 
You can easily identify avocado Hass from other avocado varieties by looking at the color and skin texture of the fruit. Unlike other varieties, the color is darker, and the skin isn’t smooth. It has a slightly oval shape with 18cm length, and its weight is around 300 grams. 
To differentiate this variety, you can also look at the avocado Hass tree, which can reach up to 18-20 meters in height with bisexual flowers that bloom primarily inside the leaf axils. The color of the Hass avocado is either dark green or black. 

Characteristics or Properties of Avocado Hass 
Color, texture and shape aren’t the only things that make avocado Hass a unique variety. Here are some characteristics or properties that make it a beneficial fruit:  
  • It has a creamy and buttery taste that gives it the best consistency. This consistency is due to the high levels of natural fats, especially unsaturated fatty acids, which comprise around 30% of the total fat content. These fats make it a beneficial fruit for your heart health because a high amount of fats can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, which is mainly responsible for heart diseases. 
  • It has high amounts of essential vitamins such as A, C, E, D and K that your body needs for healthy skin and your overall well-being. 
  • If you’re dealing with hypertension, avocado Hass can help you regulate your blood pressure levels because it has high potassium and low sodium levels. 
  • Avocado Hass is a rich source of folates that are an absolute necessity of women during pregnancy for the healthy growth and development of the fetus. 
This variety isn’t shelf-friendly for a long time, so eating it as soon as possible after purchase is best. 

Bottom Line 
Avocado Hass is grown in specific areas and then transported worldwide. If you want to purchase them online from the Middle East, you can order them from Seb and Berry to get high-quality Hass avocado from Colombia.