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We are a wholesale company specializing in the B2B trade of fruits and vegetables of Colombian origin in the Middle East, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Our primary commitment is to become your reliable supplier, providing natural products grown and harvested under the highest quality standards on our farms in Colombia.
To innovate with different flavors, you must use exotic Colombian fruits that will take your business to another level.

We are completely committed to the environment as we are guided by sustainability principles to protect our planet and support the circular economy.
Colombian fruit growers believe the taste of their fruits is their legacy. They care for the ecosystem and understand that the incredible biodiversity of their country nurtures the fruit.
This passionate care creates the perfect environment for lush and delicious-tasting natural Colombian products.
Colombia: The land of exotic and quality fruits
Colombia is a country that produces a wide range of tropical and exotic fruits due to its excellent geographical location in the equatorial zone of the American continent. This gives year-round luminosity and optimal conditions for their cultivation.
Colombia produces over 400 different varieties of fruits, many of which are exotic fruits used in haute cuisine that reach the best restaurants in the world.

Furthermore, Colombia is renowned for producing high-quality fruit because countless varieties of fruit are grown in the South American country. This is mainly due to the region's pleasant climate and tropical temperatures, making it an ideal location for many types of fruit. Therefore, with optimal temperatures and sunshine levels, many Colombian fruits develop an exquisite sweetness and ripeness rarely found in fruits grown elsewhere.

Colombian hass avocado
An excellent taste for those with exquisite palates
With every bite of a Hass avocado, you will be transported to a country full of mountains, rainforests, landscapes full of biodiversity, and fertile land. This is all thanks to its privileged location and climate, ideal for growing this exquisite fruit all year round.
The combination of diverse production regions, altitudes with alluvial soils, and ample rainfall allow Colombia to produce Hass avocados almost all year round.
Colombia's Hass avocado shares a lineage with a country whose indigenous people have lived throughout this fertile land since 15,000 BC.
The perfect formula of sunlight, nutrient-dense soil, and temperature gives the Hass Colombia avocado its creamy, rich flavor. In addition, avocados from Colombia are hand-picked, giving them an orchard-fresh taste that has made them one of the most popular avocados in the world.
The Hass avocado is a fruit that has a smooth and velvety texture, complete with thick, pebbly skin. It is the most popular variety of avocados worldwide due to its rich flavor and large size.aren’t the only benefits this fruit has to offer. When ripe, the avocado becomes a perfect ingredient for any recipe, not only for its tasty flavor but also for its high nutritional elements.
vitamin A
vitamin K
vitamin E
The Tahiti lemon variety grown in Colombia has attractive characteristics for hotels and restaurant channels. It is now widely used in cocktails and beverages. Additionally, it has a much more intense and concentrated flavor than a yellow lemon. This is why it has been gaining popularity in recent years.
Within our product offering at Seb and Barry, we offer a large selection of fruit, which we can transform depending on your needs.
The Tahitian lemon is the third most exported fruit in Colombia, which in the last year had a significant increase in the markets of the United States, Germany, Netherlands, and Canada.
vitamin A
vitamin K
vitamin E
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